About Us – PT education

Our Story

PT education was founded on the 10th of July, 1993, in a small family garage, in Indore (MP). From then, it has enabled the success of several lakh students who put their faith in its courses, guidance methodology, and mentoring. PT now provides a range of online and regular courses for various learner groups, professionals and competitive exam aspirants. Online courses are run on the PT website or PT Gurukul Regular courses are often a hybrid of content in Hard Disk, and online support via websites and Live sessions.

We are 28 years young now
Excellent Courses
Happy Students
Mantra of Success

The ‘Kar Ke Dikhayenge’ spirit

  • Translates to “We shall do it” and refers to a sense of positive aggression
  • Helps learners keep the final goal in mind always, and stay focused in spite of all diversions and digressions
  • Reminds that every day is a new opportunity to learn and gain what was missed out earlier
  • Pushes students to bring the best out of them in every small endeavour

Our core strengths are

  • Courses designed with a focus on students’ learning needs
  • Mentoring that brings out the best in each course participant
  • Research and constant upgradation in courses and content
  • Rigorous approach to inculcate a sense of achievement
  • ‘Kar ke dikhayenge’ spirit to infuse positive energy

Our Team

  • We are led by our lead mentor Mr Sandeep Manudhane, who is an IIT Delhi graduate (1993) with nearly three decades of teaching experience
  • Our team of teachers and researchers includes people with a passion to help students excel in whichever course(s) they study with us

Range of Courses

  • UPSC IAS preparation – we offer the full solution for IAS aspirants, including Prelims, Mains, Test Series and Interview Guidance. Courses available in Self Prep mode (HDD + Online) ( https://ias.pteducation.com/upsc.aspx ), or pure Online mode ( https://Gurukul.PTeducation.com )
  • Current Affairs and Editorial Analyses programmes – We offer the Power of 10 and CA Booster Premium courses for all learners (students, professionals, exam aspirants) to sharpen their prowess in high level concepts (editorials) and GK-CA. These are online programmes available on the PT website
  • English learning – we offer the English Cracker Course (ECC) which is a 100 session set of excellent lectures and practice material for all learners and exam aspirants ( https://Gurukul.PTeducation.com )