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Given below is an informal interview.
Question : From where have you got your final call?
Question :You are joining in July 2004. Isn't it?
Question : One year back when you started preparing for CAT, what were the major concerns and anxieties about how are you going to do it?
Question : When you decided to do MBA, did you have any areas in your mind over which you needed to improve upon?.
Question : Are you from IIT Delhi?
Question: From which field?
Question : When you went for the CAT, did you have any kind of strategy in your mind as to how you'll approach the test on 15 February?
Question : How many total questions did you attempt in CAT?
Question : What was your percentile?
Question : In which section did you get highest percentile?
Question : You got calls from which IIMS?
Question : Share your experiences of GD's and case studies at IIMs?
Question : How many participants were present in IIM Ahmedabad GD and how long did it last?
Question : How much time was given to the printed case?
Question : The printed case was on a piece of paper ?
Question : Running into two sheets?
Question : How long did the whole thing last?
Question : Is case study asked in other IIMs also?
Question : What was the GD like in Kozhikode?
Question : How many people were there?
Question : How long did the Kozhikode GD last ?
Question : What was the topic given to you ?
Question : How was your interview at Kozhikode ?
Question : How long did it last?
Question : What were the typical questions which they asked you?
Question: How was your Ahmedabad interview?
Question : Did you face any stress at any moment of the interview?
Question : How was your experience in PT? How did PT help you in various areas? What did you like at PT?
Question : How was GD Interview training at PT?
Question : How did you work on GK for GDs and interview?
Question : Just mention 3 or 4 best things you like about PT?
Question : What final piece of advice would you like to give to CAT aspirants of 2004?
Thank you Arit. Best of luck for your future. Your techno-MBA background will surely be a big boon for you!


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