Power of 10 – 1 month

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Fees – Rs.799.00, auto renewed every month, includes GST


  1. Power of 10 includes Editorial analysis of 10 best edits, every Sunday
  2. Each session of 2 hours, intense and high-quality inputs
  3. Explanations, written content, essay type questions
  4. Easy language used by teacher (Hindi and English)
  5. PDFs included, downloadable
  6. Full archive available to all students who enroll at any point
  7. Videos not downloadable
  8. This is a Subscription Course
  9. You can stop auto-renewal anytime
  10. A “month” is a calendar-month, or 30 days, whichever is earlier
  11. This is an individual user access, not group or institutional access

Who should join

  • All those who want deeper insights into major topics of India and the World
  • All who want access to top thinkers of the world (via their editorials)
  • General Studies preparing students (for any and every exam)
  • All students targeting exams that ask current affairs questions or GS topics
  • Working professionals who are unable to find time to read multiple publications
  • School and college students who wish to gain an edge in their knowledge base
  • Homemakers who wish to help their children learn better

Can Institutions join

Institutions like Coaching Classes, Schools and Colleges can take our Institutional Licence (one year) – contact with your details.

Disclaimers and clarification

The various sessions (recorded or Live) need a good quality internet connection at your end, alongwith a PC / laptop / big screen smartphone. During the validity period, you can access already conducted sessions, for revision, as per limited time allotted (varies from course to course). Videos are not downloadable, but PDFs are. Quizzes are given online for practice.

Rights of admission are reserved. Structure of course and changes therein are solely at management’s and faculty’s discretion. Fees paid are non-refundable. Any technical problem being faced will be resolved by our Team in 24 to 72 hours, usually, outside of holidays.

Institutions should not use the resources in this course. Please subscribe using the Institutional Licence only. Email us at for enrolment process.

Report piracy

If you are our student, and know of any piracy or illegal use of our course(s) and session(s), report immediately at

(GST @ 18% is applicable on Course Fees)


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