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A crash course for rapidly learning the basics of Science and Technology, useful for all serious learners and exam aspirants

Course Features

  1. A course of 25 LIVE classes by Sandeep Manudhane sir – now available as HD recordings
  2. Ideal for Civil Services preparation (Prelims, Mains, Interviews)
  3. From basics to advanced – all major ideas covered
  4. Easy language used throughout the course, alongwith practical examples and insights
  5. Very relevant for working executives, professionals, MBAs and college students
  6. Teaching in Hindi and English in parallel
  7. Quizzes and Tests an integral part of the course
  8. Explanations, written content, essay type questions
  9. Bilingual delivery – Hindi and English
  10. PDFs included, downloadable, content in both English and Hindi
  11. Full archive available to all students who enroll at any point
  12. Videos not downloadable, view time limited at 75 hours

Course Contents (brief outline)

Crucial concepts will be covered from a wide range of topics, including –

Developments and applications in everyday life, Information Technology (IT), Space technology, Computers and robotics, Nano-technology, Biotechnology, Intellectual Property, Indigenous technology, Emerging technologies, Indians in S&T, Current Affairs in S&T, MCQs and tests. Detailed coverage of Covid related knowledge and vaccines. All major cutting-edge developments like Elon Musk’s Mars plans, Cryptocurrencies and blockchains, Government digital coins, Neural links, etc. to be covered.

These are the basic topics that cover the syllabus for most general exams like UPSC civil services, MBA entrance, Government exams, Group Discussion, Interviews, and more

The faculty’s engaging teaching style will help you learn better!

Course Details

  • Total 25 hours course, spread over 25 lectures
  • Full HQ quality recordings of all sessions available
  • Validity is for 6 months
  • Includes videos, PDFs and Quizzes
  • Videos are not downloadable (rest of the contents are)
  • This is an online course, not a classroom or offline course
  • Videos not downloadable, view time limited at 75 hours (post LIVE session), misuse can lead to termination of membership

Course Fees

Introductory fee is Rs.2999 only. Includes GST. Access valid on site for upto 6 months. Only for individual registrations, not groups or institutions. User credentials cannot be shared with others.

Certification Test: You are eligible to appear for, and earn, a Certificate of Participation. The test for this is conducted every last two days of the month. A detailed email is sent to each student informing them of the process.

Why you must join

This is the best value for money you can ever get. Learn everything about S&T that may have scared you till now, and speak the language with confidence. It’s easy, and Sandeep sir will ensure you build the requisite confidence.

Hear what Sandeep sir has to say

Can Institutions join

Institutions like Coaching Classes, Schools and Colleges can take our Institutional Licence (one year) – contact with your details.


If you wish to learn S&T and also English and GK Current Affairs, then please check out our other course – S&T Cracker COMBO

Disclaimers and clarification

The various sessions (recorded or Live) need a good quality internet connection at your end, alongwith a PC / laptop / big screen smartphone. During the validity period, you can access already conducted sessions, for revision, as per limited time allotted (varies from course to course). Videos are not downloadable, but PDFs are. Quizzes are given online for practice.

Commenting in sessions’ threads is allowed only through original names of users, not pseudonyms or assumed names or alternative names. Inappropriate behaviour (rants, abuses, misbehaviour with staff or faculty) leads to blocking of user comments.

Rights of admission are reserved. Structure of course and changes therein are solely at management’s and faculty’s discretion. Fees paid are non-refundable. Any technical problem being faced will be resolved by our Team in 24 to 72 hours, usually, outside of holidays.

Institutions should not use the resources in this course. Please subscribe using the Institutional Licence only. Email us at for enrolment process.

Report piracy

If you are our student, and know of any piracy or illegal use of our course(s) and session(s), report immediately at

(GST @ 18% is applicable on Course Fees)


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  1. Super excited!

  2. i am excited for these course after learn economy cracker

  3. (verified owner)

    Sandeep sir Jindabad….

  4. (verified owner)

    360 degree thinking process development of students by wise educationist Sandeep Sir. Excellent content delivery

  5. This course prepared by Sandeep Manudhane sir was very much useful. Every topic covered in details. Only Sandeep sir can teach such difficult topic in lucid manner with full of humour. I really enjoyed a lot. I am really thankful to Sandeep sir for this amazing course.

  6. (verified owner)

    Superb course and content from Sandeep sir. Throughout the course sir reminds us to keep up the scientific temper and explains all the concepts in such a way that a layman can also understand them well. Thanks a ton for this beautiful course. Kar ke dikhayenge.

  7. (verified owner)

    Fantastic course for everyone to enrich learning and deep understanding of the science concepts which is enrooted in daily life. Thank you Team PT.KKD

  8. (verified owner)

    I express my gratitude to Sandeep Sir and the entire PT Education team for preparing this course. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  9. (verified owner)

    The best thing about all such courses is the live
    Interaction that we get to have with sir who consistently answer all our queries then and there. S&T course in particular is one of its kind
    which includes all that was/ is /will be in the field of science & technology. A must do course. Thanks a lot.😊

  10. (verified owner)

    I enrolled in this course to get a strong hold of science and technology subject and i was not disappointed at all. A holistic view of relevant topic along with deep analysis of the same makes this course a must buy for students. Live interaction makes the learning more enjoyable!
    Thanks to PT’s team!

  11. (verified owner)

    Just beautiful.

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