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List of Courses run by us

We offer the (1) UPSC IAS preparation course – Self Prep, (2) UPSC IAS preparation course – PT Gurukul, (3) Power of 10 (editorial analyses course), (4) CA Booster Premium (GK CA course), and (5) English Cracker course (English for exams and learning).

Using the Courses

Once you are enrolled, you will get confirmation of enrolment, your fee receipt and instructions to begin learning (passwords or credentials or access information). The Counsellor team and Tech team are always ready to help, in case you need. The teachers in their classes will keep explaining the various steps involved in learning (using the PDFs, quizzes, comment threads, tests etc.). All you have to do is follow the same. Our courses are designed to bring the best out of you, and we expect your full cooperation. Kar ke dikhayenge! PDFs used in classes are downloadable. Videos are not downloadable. Some videos may have limited time use also. Terms and conditions of use may change at management’s own discretion.


We value your written testimonials, as it motivates the entire team do put in their best continuously. Do share a beautiful testimonial here.

Enrolment process

You can enroll on the PT website (this one) by going to COURSES AVAILABLE page and checking out the course of your choice. You can go to PT Gurukul site and enroll there, or to the Self Prep course page and enroll there. Detailed terms and conditions are given on respective Course Pages. Read carefully before enrolment.


Many courses are run on a continuous basis, like the Power of 10 and CA Booster Premium courses. You have options to enroll in monthly. Renewal is automatic, (unless cancelled by you). This brings ease of study, as you do not have to bother keeping in mind dates of renewal. We offer various payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and UPI modes. Get in touch with us in case of any problem. For courses like UPSC IAS Self Prep, we offer renewal on an annual basis, and the process is explained in the Guidelines Letter separately.

Feedback and suggestions

Your feedback is valuable, and helps us streamline our courses. Please feel free to suggest good ideas here!