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Actual GD PI WAT Experiences

Hi Students! We present below actual experiences of students appearing for various GD, PI, GE processes across B-schools as reported to us. These are insightful reports from the spot. Enjoy reading these, and remember - your process will be unique to you. All the best! 

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~


My G.D. topic was” Increasing number of IITs and IIM will dilute the Quality of education”

Its was a rectangular seating arrangement and each student had given chance to open and conclude.

I started as India has large population it constitute 17% of total world population and it is in growing phase will continue to grow till 2030 then we will be stabilized I think as on demand more number of iit and iim’s should start and it will not effect the present quality of education..

Then more and more good point came out some talk about corruption, lack of funds in Indian government and it goes on…….

Then a WAT was conducted on the same topic of 250 words.

P.I at GIM
It was about 45 mins.

It was 2-2 member’s panel conducting PI at two different places they have divided us in 10-10 no earlier only. Question I remembered are:-

They ask me please sit how are you I responded Gm sir I am fine how are you sir, they smiled and responded

Q1. What do think how was your G.D. ?

Ans. I said sir should I have to analyze myself they said yes, then I told him sir I had raised a crucial point of population of India and also if govt of India will increase top level of inst they make sure quality doesn’t hampered and so on I think I spoke good..

Q2. Why GIM??

Ans. I said with a caption of “next marketing management education” and a learner centric pedagogy. We have access to faculty lib café all 24*7 also gim creates managers with social responsibility. I find myself relevant to it.

I request all of you to please visit its website while going for interview.

Then they ask every bit from my graduation they know what’s latest in your related field.

Q) why you want to pursue this course (H.C.M.) and not going for m.d.s?

A) I told sir I would like to share a little story with you they said go ahead and I started sir there was young guy 22 year old having acute asthma problem when he came to hospital doctor prescribe him to be put on ventilator support right now, so the process stated ward boy with a wheel chair arrived and start to move suddenly the wheel chair of the wheel broke out so another wheel chair came and he shifted to it then while all installation of Ventilator the Valve pressure was not appropriate so he had to shifted to new ventilator and mean while he was dead hence it was not the mistake of doctor neither the staff but a small small thing matter a lot this must have to be checked. In my dental hospital when pt comes he does not have single dentical problem but a very diverse problem and I want to broaden my spectrum looking after all social needs and concentrating on small small parts as in my field life doesn’t give second chance.

Q) What are your hobbies? And asked everything about it..

Q) What about your family?

~ ~ ~

Date 10/03/13

Just a day before, i met few guys during IIM L interview, who had their interviews for SJMSOM and came to know about the WAT topic that was something like "Is congestion tax really helpful in removing congestion?". I was totally blank after hearing this and expected same kind of bouncer on my day. But surprisingly the topic given to us was "Describe an artist/band who have successfully established their business and how?" - a sigh of relief :) i wrote a short story about 'Metallica' and their USPs.

The second WAT topic was a case study that was to be concluded in 3 lines or in 50 words (strictly) that was something related with PEST analysis of Modern India's progress story.

Then after document verification and a long wait in the chilling Waiting hall my turn came for interview.

There were 2 professors P1 (Engg. Physics Professor from IIT B) and P2 (Senior Professor from Humanities dept SJMSOM)

Q1: P1 asked for my documents and by the same time P2 made me sit comfortably and asked for my introduction
Me: I started with my same story again, was suddenly stopped and told So You are from MP, the state which shares it boundaries with max. no of states. I said Yes Sir.

Q2: Can you pls tell me quickly with how many states??
Me: Was not sure about the number of states and started counting from UP, CG, Rajasthan, then again interrupted and told tell me the number only dont count. OK my next question.

Q3: Ok so why there is a drop between your class X and class XII marks.?
Me: Told about the IIT JEE reason that i was focused towards clearing JEE, and so focused less towards school studies.

Q4: Hmm but don't you think you could not have faced this situation if you have studied a bit more?
Me: Yes sir, i agree i could have managed that properly.

Q5: OK so how were you placed, Off campus or On campus??
Me: Sir, On Campus, Tech Mahindra came for recruitment in MANIT.

P1: Ok Ok, MANIT means that REC from Bhopal right.
Me: Yes Sir

P2: OK so tell me about what all do you do after you start your working hours?
Me: Told the complete story and then followed a series of questions from my work, P2 told me to explain everything in layman's language and it went for around 5 mins non stop, then suddenly P1 came in...

P1: Can you tell me the number of seats in the lower house..??
Ans: Sir 500 sumthing... I could not recall.

P1: OK Leave it, who is the governor of MP?
Me: No answer for 2 secs...

P1: Ok leave it, tell me if you were assigned a state level managerial position and you have to suggest the CM to change something, what will you tell him to do. This is a do or die question for you.
Me: Sir, as MP being called as the heart of india with Bhopal as its official capital and Indore as the commercial capital of MP having an IIT and an IIM and an emerging education hub in the central india, i would like Mr Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan to focus more towards education sector in MP as we have infrastructure available we just need focus from the state to provide R&D opportunities and help in better placements in colleges, currently Mr Shiv Raj is focused more towards bringing business, promoting IT, making more SEZs, etc

P1& P2: Ok thanks, you may leave now..
Me: Thank you sir, Thank you sir.

~ ~ ~

Candidate profile:

Class X - 81.2 %
Class XII - 70.33 %
Board - MP Board
B Tech in Computer Science from NIT Bhopal with CGPA 7.23
Work Experience - 30 months (Tech Mahindra)

IIM L Interview

Date : 9/03/13

The whole process started at 9:00 AM at Dadar Catering College Mumbai. Candidates were allotted panels and i along with around 8 more ppl was allotted panel no 7. The process started with a WAT topic and the topic was :- "Money is not to feed our egos, it is to help the needy and to help people help themselves", just after the topic was announced the panel members signaled us to start, the time given for WAT was 15 mins and soon after they collected our WAT papers they told us to start discussion on the same topic.

Personal Interview

The panel consisted of two professors P1 ( Old Prof aged around 55-60) and P2 (South Indian Prof aged around 40-4

1.        Introduce yourself.
Ans.     Told the complete story from Work exp to schooling to Extra curriculars, guitar

2.        While P1 was busy checking my documents P2 asked Why MBA?
Ans.     Answered relating the answer to my work experience and how my varied roles in my
           organization helped my managerial skills

3.        P2 again , Why have u left your company??
Ans      B'coz i wanted to study for MBA entrance in a more focussed manner.

4.        I am not convinced with this, tell me the correct reason, were you fired from your company?
Ans.     With a smile i answered about my daily work schedule and how much time i had to spend
           working and my responsibilities, etc

5.       Ok ok Now P1 asked so what are you doing nowadays??? Are you jobless?
Ans.    Sir i am currently studying my for GD PI calls and i am currently keeping myself engaged
          with it.

6.        Have you heard of a saying "An idle mind is devils....." what do u call it....
Ans.     Yes sir as they say in hindi 'Khaali dimag shaitan ka ghar hota hai'
           Both started laughing, P2 did'nt understand... P1 told P2 yes he got it right

7.        Then P1 asked me about my extra curriculurs/hobbies
Ans.     I told playing guitars, bass, P2 came in suddenly so u r a Raack Starra ( in south indian tone)
           I smiled and said yes sir..

8.        Then P1 why is everybody learning western instruments, okk tell me why there is no indian
           rockstar famous world wide...
Ans.     I told about the depth of indian music and then gave example of Pt. Ravi Shankar and his
           fame worldwide, then was stopped in between and P1 told no I am talking about rock music,
          Panditji was into fusion...
          Then I told rock is a form of music more famous in the west but indian musicians are
          gr8 and I hope in near future we may produce a gr8 rockstar.

9.        P1 asks P2 So its done and tells me to take my file and pick up a chocolate from the bowl
           lying on their table.
Me       Thank you sir!

~ ~ ~
SIBM, Pune

Date appeared: February 2, 2013

Admission process included Group Exercises (Picture interpretation, 2 Group Discussions), Personal Interview and Extempore.

The process started at 8 a.m. in the morning. After the document verification, the called students were divided into groups of 9 each.

Of the group exercises, the first one was the picture interpretation task where the students were asked to deduce things from the pictures and jolt down their interpretations in the space provided below the pictures. It comprised of 4 pictures:

  • An elephant carrying  a group of people  from various strata of the society-the trunk of the elephant was pulled by a man and the rear leg was held by justice.
  • A common man and a person with a board in hand with LEFT written on it
  • Proceedings of a parliamentary session.
  • Four hands holding each other-Black, white and grey in color.

Each of the student was asked to read aloud his/her interpretation. No additions or deductions from the written things  were allowed.

It was followed by a 15 minutes group discussion on the topic “ loop holes of a coalition government and measures to make the present government proceed in right direction”

After the break of 5 minutes, followed another group discussion of 45-50 minutes on the topic “The prospects of demographic dividend in the Indian scenario”.

Then started ,the personal interview sessions. The interview panel consisted of 4 members, a college faculty member and another three from the corporates. General knowledge, career aspirations, extra-curricular achievements, hobbies and interests were discussed. An extempore on an abstract topic was conducted for every candidate (skipped in my case ) during the interview session.

It was a great experience and the interview panel was very friendly.

The group discussion and WAT orientation lectures conducted at PT really helped in showcasing the best of me and converting a call from SIBM, Pune which has an intake of just 18 freshers this year.

~ ~ ~

GD Topic – Education has become business these days
No. of moderators – 4                         No. of students – 12                       Time allotted – 20 min

Points discussed –

  1. For admission in nursery, you have to pay 5-6 lacks, what’s this?
  2. Through CAT exam, for applying to various colleges, dead-line is before the declaration of result or even before the exam
  3. After doing engineering, paying 4-5 lakhs or more; no jobs are there
  4. Coaching institutes charges so high. I and one other student was against this
  5. Earlier also you have to give Guru Dakshina
  6. Earlier system of education was learn and learn and now it is learn, unlearn and relearn. This change is only reflected in change of pie structure.
  7. It’s not engineers are unemployed - they are unemployable as many students don’t put effort to learn. So how much spoon feeding can be done
  8. Education is not business but if we feel that fees must come down than youth has to focus on NSDC (National skill development council) on the wider scale. So people will be skilled in various fields. They will pursue cliff. Courses rather than running behind ingenuity
  9. Even IITs and IIMs charges high because infrastructure, technology is needed. You need to pay for faculty

PI Questions

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Why MBA
  3. Why FMS-BHU
  4. What is cloud-computing?
  5. What does cloud refers to in this
  6. What is the difference between data interpretation and data reporting
  7. What calls from other institutes
  8. Compare NIRMA with ours
  9. Who is V.C. of Sagar
~ ~ ~

GD was the elimination round
No. of moderators – 2                         Students – 14                  Time allotted – 15 min

GD Topic – Coalition Governments – are these the way ahead?

  1. Students started GD without wishing any one
  2. As he started, soon he was interrupted by the other person
  3. Second and third person spoke together till now no introduction, no wide view was made
  4. I came supporting the fact that they are accountable to their own people
  5. In case of opposite party being corrupt then it can’t raise the questions against ruling party
  6. Complete fish market
  7. No one listened to any one
  8. No marking by moderators

No response to the fish market busy discussing themselves (two moderatros).

  1. I got chance spoke about Smt. Indira Gandhi – her socialistic policies
  2. I spoke about PLA oligarchy in Russia
  3. On member of group said – “Why coalition gouts are formed? She explained micely
    She suggested – only same vision people must form the coalition youth. Just not to win 2/3rd majority
  4. Each one spoke that it leads the delay in making decisions
  5. What when coalition gout gets itself corrupt?

      I said – “There is system of checks and balances

~ ~ ~
IIM Bangalore – PGP

In the process of WAT there were 21 participants, divided into 3 groups of 7 students each.  10 mins was given to think and 20 min were given to write.

WAT TOPIC –What is the role of social media and sms in political unrest? Electronic Medias are not effectively doing the role, what are the government policies to deal with the problem.

Personal Interview

1.        You were from Super 30; tell us something about Shri Anand Kumar.
Ans.     Told them that I was in super 100, described my teacher Anand Kumar
2.        Why did you switch the institute where you were teaching? What topics you were teaching?
Ans.     I wanted to explore software industry. I used to teach Maths, and Few other topics.
3.        Define Coordinate Geometry.
Ans.     Told.
4.        Tell few challenges in villages?
Ans.     Told gender discrimination, casteism, poverty, sanitation
5.        What do you think about casteism?
Ans.     Explained
6.        Is Maoist stand right for their betterment?
Ans.     Explained
7.        What is current role in your company?
Ans.     Told
8.        What is your career goal?
Ans.     Told them my plan of working for 2 years in a corporate and then starting a business.
9.        Why NITISH, why not Lalu? Tell fire characteristics of Lalu.
Ans.     Told them Nitish is better at convincing people
10.       Why Bihar is progressing
Ans.     Said because of good governance.
11.       Tell  few things about Buxar
Ans.     Told the mythological importance of Buxar (tarkasur was killed here) and about Ganga
12.       What types of government schemes have been successful in Bihar?
Ans.     Told about polio scheme of Bill and Melinda Gates and NRHM program
13.       Do you want to ask us something.
Ans.     I was stunned at the question, asked about the courses to which all of them smiled.

~ ~ ~
New IIMs

WAT: 65% of Indian population is working. What is the social and economic impact of such a large working population?

Interview: 10 min: 3 members
How is life at IIT Indore?

How do you find the food of Indore?
Said I love the food here. Told about my favorite dishes.

What is the status of your health?
Said it’s fine

Why do you want to pursue MBA?
Told at length

Which specialization would you prefer?
Told, and seemed convinced

~ ~ ~

WAT: Is Indian economy going through a slowdown? What plans do you suggest to revive it?

Interview: 15 min
Why do you want to pursue MBA?
Told at length, but was cross-questioned

Why don’t you join a company? Why do you prefer MBA over job?
Told- They grilled me on this one

What is NP complete problem?

What is Turing machine?

Would you prefer IIM Indore over any other college because you must prefer the food?
Said will depend on final offers

~ ~ ~

WAT: Impact of plastic money on economy: 20 min

Interview: 15 min
Is engineering a sub field of management?
Agreed and explained

What other calls do you have?

Would you like to join any other campus of IMI, other than Delhi?

What is the meaning of your name?

What are your limitations?

Psychometric Test: 68 questions: 20 min

~ ~ ~
NMAT – MBA Pharma
(March 2013)

First a faculty member explained us about institution program and contribution of various parameters in selection process.

Weight age : NMAT SCORE- 60% / Presentation+PI-30 % (15% each) / Pharmacy test (PAT)-10% 

11 AM-  PAT began (duration 15min, 20 MCQs based on pharmacy)- very tough question almost every student said this.

Marking of pat-right question +1/2    Wrong and NOT ATTEMPT -1


  • Which drug used for influenza( ans- oseltavimir)
  • Which is anticancer drug( ans- sorafenib)
  • Which drug show positive ionotropic effect on heart
  • Which drug in antifungal
  • Anticoagulants are contraindicated with which drug

11:30am PI and presentation began

Around 15 minutes given to prepare for presentation topics are different for each candidate

Few topics-

Chopper scam, why engineers do mba, India v/s china economic policy, privatization of private sector, similarity  between khap panchayat and Taliban, should India adopt Chinese economic policy,

Now PI is taken by same panel who take presentation.

After presentation PI immediately start half of PI based on presentation


  • Why MBA after B.Pharma?
  • Tell us about your family?
  • What are your weaknesses?....... do you think that if you have poor english then you would fit for here
  • This programme is good for person who has work experience do you think you are fit for it?
  • Why Africa is an emerging market?
  • Thank you… if you want to ask question then you can ask.

PANEL - Programme head MBA pharma, and CMD of Johnson and Johnson

~ ~ ~

GD PI Location: Mithibai College, Mumbai

The college is situated at the heart of the commercial capital of India – Mumbai! Currently, they share the campus with Mithibai College. My slot was at 1 pm. Most of us reached there at 12:30 but unfortunately, there were no sitting arrangements, which made a huge negative impact on our minds. Anyway, the induction program started at exact 1 pm in the auditorium. We were told about the history of college, statistics about NMAT and important dates. They also assured us that our batch’s classes would be held in a new campus. We were divided into several groups, each consisting of 13 members.

In our group, 7 were freshers and 6 had work ex. Each of the groups was then assigned a person (don’t know if they were professors or staff members). Our identity proofs were checked and the wait started.

After a while, my group was called for the CD (Case Discussion). The panel consisted of 1 gentleman and 2 ladies. It was basically a case study about a chain of stores of kids’ clothes. They wanted to start online stores too and we were the web company they had approached. The group was supposed  to discuss what all questions would we ask to the CEO of the company. It started off well. Many points were discussed and example of Shoppers’ Stop was given. We finally zeroed down to budget, introduction of adults’ segment, manpower, etc. But time was left. The panel asked us to continue for 1 more minute but since all the points we could think of were exhausted, one of the students said something about time management. The panel smiled and we left. We came out and started waiting for the PI. This time the wait was even longer. Finally I was called.

Personal Interview

The panel consisted of 3 people, 2 gentlemen (P1 and P2) and a lady (P3).

P3: Tell us something about yourself in exactly 2 minutes.
Me: (Did)

P1: So you are pursuing Civil Engineering. What’s your favourite subject?
Me: Advanced Concrete Technology sir.

P1: What do you study in it mainly?
Me: (Told)

P1: Ohh. That’s so interesting. Why don’t you study further about it? Do an M. Tech in Advanced Concrete Technology or something?
Me: Well sir, I think I have pretty much studied about the technical aspect. Now I would like to learn management aspect so that I use a holistic approach on any project I work on.

P1: That’s good. Your percentage is 75 in graduation till now. You must be among the top 5  students of your class?
Me: No sir.

P1: What’s the highest percentage in your class then?
Me: Sir 88.

P1: So what’s your position in your class?
Me: Sir it’s around 30 in a class of 80.

P1: (Smiling) Okay. So you are in your 8th semester right now. Have you been placed?
Me: (With a huge smile) Yes sir.

P1: Where?
Me: (Told the PSU)

P1: That’s great! Then why do you want to do an MBA? It’s such a great job.
Me: Sir because MBA is my ultimate aim. When I started coordinating events in my college, I realized management is my calling. (P3 smiles at hearing this.)

P3: Did you sit for any other companies?
Me: No ma’am. This was the first one. I hadn’t planned to get placed. I sat just like that and well, I got placed.

P3: (Smiling) Okay.
P1 & P3 to P2: Sir would you like to ask anything?
P2: No.
P1: Okay, that would be all.
Me: Thank you sir.

~ ~ ~

IMT Ghaziabad

Good evening sir! I have attended the GD-PI process of IMT-G and would like to share with you the experience. This was my first ever gd/pi at a B-school. And as you had told me, it was indeed a great experience.

Some 100-120 students appeared at the venue. We were divided into 8 groups. Having verified our documents, we were taken to 8 separate conference rooms. There were 13 students in my group and we were made to sit in two parallel rows facing each other. Two female panelists (age 30+ & 35+) instructed us as follows:

''Good morning students. Welcome to IMT! Here's a paper on which the case you have to discuss is written. You're required to fill your details in the same page. You'll be given 5 min to think, 10 min to discuss and another 10 min to write the summary of the discussion. No fish market, please.''

The case: A low cost airline Air Asia is planning to merge with TATA group to enter indian aviation industry. This move has come out in the wake of indian govt.'s decision to allow 49% FDI in aviation. While some believe that it'll help the consumers, others fear that it may drive indian carriers out of business. What is your opinion?

The GD went on smoothly. Those who could not speak were given a chance by the panelists. Sheets were collected. This concluded the GD process and we were asked to wait outside till we were called one-by-one for the interview.

Personal Interview:

I was 12th on the list so got to know as to what kind of questions were being asked. (this did not help much though)

A male panelist (age 50+) had joined them for the PI process. Let me call the three panelists as F1(30+), F2(35+) & M1(50+). Here it goes:

After formal greetings, they asked me to sit down. (didn't ask for my CV or porfolio so i sat down with my file on my lap. They had the filled-in Personal Details Form which they had mailed and asked us to bring along at the time of gd/pi )

F2: tell us something which is not mentioned in this form.
Me(totally blank. Couldn't speak a word.): ahhm...

F2: ok. what does your name mean?
Me: <my name> is a hindi word. When we deconstruct the word, we get < + >. < > means < > and < > means < >. So < > refers to < >. { PT keeps all feedback anonymous to protect the candidate's interest }

F2: ok. Can you tell me the name of the mountain Lord Krishna had lifted?
Me: I am sorry ma'am i am not sure if i can recall the name accurately.

F2: well can you tell me the purpose for which He had done so?
Me: to save the villagers from heavy rains, i believe.

F2: ok. Who is the president of India?
Me(after stuttering a bit): Mr. Pranab Mukherjee

F2: what portfolio did he hold before?
Me: finance ministry

F2: and before that?
Me: i am not really sure, ma'am

M1: who is the CJI?
Me(confidently): Mr. Altamas Kabir

M1: RBI governor?
Me: Mr. Duvurri Subbarao

F2: what's the current GDP growth?
Me: around 5.5%

M1: finance minister?
Me: Mr. Palaniappan Chidambaram

F2: what is India's population?
Me: 1.2 billion

F2: China's?
Me: 1.4 B

F2: world's population?
Me: 7 B
(these 10 questions went on like a rapid-fire round. So they were smiling at each other in the end. I also gathered some courage to smile.)

F2: what does your father do?
Me: my father is a < >, ma'am.

F2: then how are you planning to finance your MBA?
Me: through loans, ma'am.

F1: why MBA?
Me: ma'am, i want to become an all-round professional. An MBA will add value to my profile and help me become one. (didn't look much convinced)
(after this, they began asking questions simultaneously. I heard them all and started to answer one-by-one but was interrupted in between by another volley of questions. I had no clue what to do. I answered as much as i could.)

M1: tell me something about your work-ex
Me: (told them about my project and role)

F2: what was your salary in Oman. Tell me in terms of Indian rupees.
Me: 300 rials equivalent to 42,000 rupees at the current exchange rate.

M1: are you working somewhere now?
Me: yes sir. I have recently joined an engg college as faculty.

M1: What will you do if you're not selected?
Me: i'll continue with my job, sir.

F2: You have written ''writing, reading, movies'' as your hobby. What do you write.
Me: i micro-blog about the current affairs. It can be anything from politics to bollywood to cricket. I just mix them all up and add some sense of humor to it.

F2: wow! Sense of humor is a rare quality. Can you please give us an example of what you have been writing.
Me: sure ma'am. I'll tell you the first thing that comes to my mind. It was Rose day and i happened to see a billboard on which some rose vendor had written buy-1-get-1-free. Obviously he wanted to boost his sales but i couldn't help but notice the funny side. So i wrote, ''i wonder what possible market trend does a buy-1-get-1-free offer on purchase of a rose today reflect.''
(they didn't smile a bit. I felt like a big bold STUPID written all over my face. I wanted to explain but refrained. I just said, ''ma'am, i write review of movies too)

F2: aha! Please tell us something about it...(after a pause).. Which is worth mentioning here.
(those last 5 words had really killed my confidence because she made me realise i had blurted out something irrelevant. It must be the rose day disaster, i guess)
Me (this time i wanted to sound more sensible): The last movie i watched was The Hurt Locker directed by oscar winner Kathyren Bigelow. It was a story of a fearless bomb-diffussing officer. It portrayed how US soldiers were risking their lives to help Afghanis who were victims of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
(they looked at each other and asked if anyone wanted to ask anything. All responded in negative.)

F2: ok. Do you have any questions for us?
Me(smiling): No ma'am.

F2: Thanks for coming!
(before i could stand up to leave, the gentleman asked one more question)

M1: we also have a dual country programme which involves studying in Dubai. Since you've already worked in middle east, would you be interested in that?
Me(i wanted to say i'd prefer ghaziabad over dubai but anticipated questions like why do you think this campus is better than that, etc. So i ended up saying): it's perfectly fine, sir.

(I greeted them all and left the room.)

~ ~ ~

The first thing I would like to tell about the college is that the arrangements they made for the whole GD PI process were impeccable. Each one of us went back happily! A bus was arranged to take us from the centre of the city to the college campus which is situated on the outskirts on a breathtakingly beautiful location. If there is one word to describe the college, it would be: RESORT! Anyway, we reached there and immediately one member from the Aspirant Relations Team (ART) was assigned to each group. There were 9 members in a group; we got lucky and 2 didn’t show up. So, it was just the 7 of us. It took about two hours to verify the documents of everyone in the slot and then we were taken for the GE.

The GE basically consisted of two GDs.

For the first GD, we were given a comic strip regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR). We were allotted 2 minutes to think and write about it. Also, it was specifically told that we are supposed to write complete sentences and not merely jot down points. Then, I was the first one to be asked by the panel (1 gentleman and 1 lady) to read out whatever I had written. One by one, everyone read out theirs and the GD started. There was a PH category guy in out group and everyone made sure to let him speak first and I believe he spoke the best. Then we were given a break of 2 minutes and  the next GD’s topic was “These days we see so many posts on social networking sites like FB regarding creating awareness. Is posting on FB enough or do we need to come out on streets to bring about a change?”

In both the GDs, everybody behaved and gave each other a chance to speak. Plenty of examples were given. No fish market was created. It was so decent and well-organized that after coming out of the room, my first word was, “Boring!” No fights, no ‘Lemme speak first’, no interrupting others!

We were taken to a hall for breakfast then and PI of the first student in every batch started. Finally, my turn came and I was called inside. The panel consisted of two members, both aged males. One was a marketing professor (known as the best in the college) P2 and the other sir was from the corporate sector P1.

Personal Interview

P1: Are you an only child of your parents?
Me: No sir. I have a younger sister as well.

P1: But you look so mischievous! It’s as if you are planning something right now. Guess your parents have pampered you a lot. Shows on your face.
Me: (I could say nothing to this. Just smiled.)

P2: So, you have written in your Annexure a quote by Ayn Rand and you are from Civil Engineering. Have you read any of Ayn Rand’s works?
Me: (Sheepish smile) Sir honestly, I needed a quote about values. So I simply googled. I’m sorry but I haven’t read any of his works.

P2: Well, actually it’s a ‘she’.
Me: Oops! Sorry sir. I had no idea.

P1: So, who’s the most powerful lady of the world?
Me: Sir, she’s the Chancellor of Germany but I’m unable to recall her name right now.

P1: Who’s known as the Iron Lady?
Me: Sorry sir.

P1: Okay tell me who’s the most powerful lady of India?
Me: Sir it’s Sonia Gandhi.

P1: If you think she’s so great, what do you think she could have done in the recent Delhi rape case?
Me: Sir, I said she’s the most powerful lady. I never said she’s great. It took her almost a week to issue a simple statement that the incident was extremely unfortunate.

P1: So who do you think is doing something for society? (He wanted me to name a female)
Me: Sir.. Mamta Banerjee.. ?? (I later realized I was extremely wrong)

P1: Leave politics. Any other lady?
Me: Sir, Sushmita Sen from Bollywood. She has adopted two daughters.

P1: But she’s doing good only for her daughters. I want to know someone who’s doing good for the whole society.
Me: Umm.. I’m unable to recall anyone in particular right now sir.

P1: Would you like to be that lady?
Me: Yes sir!

P1: What if you are offered a job with a package of 20 lacs n an opportunity to be the leading force for a cause? What would you choose?
Me: Sir I would take the job and invest my earnings to the cause.

P1: (Laughs heartily) You are becoming greedy here.
Me: No sir. For any cause, money and power are required. And I’m gonna bring it through my high paying job.

P1: Heard of Medha Patkar? Mahatma Gandhi? He was moneyless and powerless. But still he got India its freedom.
Me: Yes sir, I completely agree with you. But that time was different.

P1: Okay. Now pick up a chit for your extempore.

I stand up and take out a chit. It reads : SECOND IS NOT BAD

P2: You may sit and speak. No problem. (I sit)

P1: You may stand if you want. (I stand)

P2: No, don’t be shy. Sit comfortably. (I sit)

P1: But you may stand if you are more comfortable that way. (I stand)

This sitting down and standing up again goes on for a while till I finally say, “Sir, I’m more comfortable standing.”

P1: Okay. Read your topic aloud and start. Or you may change your topic if you don’t like this one.

I blabber for a while but am interrupted.

P1: So, this means when you grow old and get married and have 2 kids, you’ll love the second kid more.
Me: No sir. (Then I tell him something my dad always says. He seems extremely pleased with the answer.)

P1: Okay. You may leave. Just one last thing. You resemble my daughter. You seem independent. That’s why I have high regard for working ladies and girls like you and my daughter.
Me: Thank you sir.

VERDICT: Converted!

~ ~ ~
IIM Lucknow  (ABM)

WAT Topic – When man is rational, freedom wins and when man is free, reason wins.
15 mins time.

GD  on same topic.

PI – Two interviewers in panel.

P1 – (Very annoyingly) you are a computer engineer, you shouldn’t be here, why are you here for ABM course?
Me – I want to join this course
P1 – Why, because you don’t have any others?
Me – I have a few more sir, 6 new IIMs.
P2 – then why?
Me – there are multiple reasons, told one reason and they interrupted
P1 -  tell me mechanical devices in computer
Me – could tell only 2-3.
P2 – Two challenges in IT industry
Me – told
P2 – asked about inflation, RBI, vice president etc.
Me -  told with a bit of help.
P1 – what to ask sociology or politics?
Me – sociology
P1 -  if a few farmers reduced from agricultural activities, would it affect productivity?
Me – Yes
P1 – then why is the govt. Introducing policies for services and manufacturing sector?
Me – told that our economy is strengthened by these sectors only as of now, so trying to boost these. There should be marketing measures to encourage youth towards agriculture too.
P1, P2 – ok, thank you.
Me – Thank you!, and came back!

~ ~ ~
Six New IIMs

WAT of 25 mins.

Topic – Education system in India is lacking and is a reason for India’s hindrance at global level. When it will be improved the world will be quiet ahead of us.

PI – Panel of two interviewers (Sir (S) and Mam (M))

Since I was last person and waiting for about 4 hours outside the room,
M – long wait .. haan ?
Me – No.. it’s OK with a smile.
M – Tell us something abt yourself.
Me – told at length.

Then M asked questions related to my extra curriculars and I replied at length.

S – Why MBA?
Me – replied properly
S – Two challenges in IT industry ?
Me – replied with examples from my work experience.
S – Asked questions about RDBMS
Me – replied with a bit of help.
S – what’s biggest achievement in extra curriculars.
Me – replied
S – Which position did you get for it ?
Me – First.
M – why less women at managerial positions?
Me – Replied
M – Do you want to ask anything?
Me – asked
M & S – replied.
Then they said “Thank You”.
I too said the same, and came out!

~ ~ ~

Background of student: BBA

It happened in three parts:

1. Essay: 200-250 words 20 mins
Topic: Policy making of the government has caused economic slowdown

2. Psychometric test: 15 mins- 68 questions

3. PI: 20-25 mins
First part was related to academics
What is HR?
Define OB
Name of your dream company in this field
Extempore- Describe the incident of Manesar plant
Who is the CM of MP?
Which state separated from MP recently and name of its CM
Why dint you choose MBA in Indore
Which newspapers do you read?
What have been the headlines in the past few days?
What has been the result of Ind-Aus Series?

~ ~ ~

Background of student: BE Civil

It happened in two parts:

1. Case Study: 10 mins
You share a computer with a colleague in the office but he doesn’t let you use it. You have tried to reason with him but dint get any response.  You cant complain about him since he is in dire need of the job. What will be your next step to deal with the problem?

2. Interview: 10 mins
Introduce yourself
Why do you want to pursue MBA after civil engineering?
What is the relation between civil engineering and finance?
What is the difference between SI and CI?
What is Fixed Deposit?
Describe the projects undertaken by you

~ ~ ~

It was a lucky night—from the first week of February, when my room-mate prompted me to check if I had gotten calls from any of the IIMs. The number was equal to the times you’ve been ditched, yes 5! It was as surprising as imagining a song: Pitbull ft. Manmohan Singh!

Amazing as it was, I had already made up my mind to save a seat for me in the IIMs post-2014; like a fat starved kid, the only thing on my mind were the initial letters from Jam-on-read…yummy! So after being called careless, which is incidentally my middle-name, and stupid, I accepted the fact that I need to GEAR up! So, after mud-walking through the formalities, I got 18th Feb 2013 as a date for my WAT (yes mumbaikars, it’s waat) and PI process. Like every studious kid, I started studying a day before: ate dhokla and green chutni on the pile of ETs that I had borrowed, gaily received all the calls wishing me good or better luck, and thought how could I silence that little urchin—my scruple—from giving sour names to those 23 feet high grapes!

Let’s get serious and talk about the actual happenings; I think Kareena should get a prenup, and yeah, the Hollywood should totally remake ABCD in English to be called ! Ok, enough of the brown me browning this white… let me give you a detailed report of what happened, hope this helps: I had calls from all the new IIMs except IIM Shillong, and IIM Rohtak, and the admission process was common for all the new IIMS (unfair?) at Mumbai. The official timing of the appointment was 8 AM. I made sure to be present a neat 30 minutes before time. As soon as the two slowest hands on my watch subtended a 120 degree angle, two representatives of IIM Trichy barged in with their mechanical instruction-speech and that expected accent. They asked the 60 odd candidates to check their ‘serial number’ and ‘panel number’ against their names from a stuck up list. After that was done, we were given a, not-so-useful, one-page glossy brochure glorifying IIM Trichy. After signing the attendance sheet, the WAT started at 9 AM.

The topic given to us (ad verbatim) was “Instead of complaining about the present state of affairs in the country, college students should actively participate in politics, so as to  bring about the change they want to see. Do you agree? Give reason for your view.” There was a word limit: 300 words maximum, a space limit: an A4 size paper, both sides…no extra paper would be furnished, and a time limit: 25 minutes.

With a *snap* the time started. Even though no rough work was allowed, I managed to scribble on the cover of the support-book I was carrying. I started, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ M.K. Gandhi (This was from a photo frame at PT HQ)…and ended “Change is what we need; change is the only constant indeed!” With a correct ratio of statistics (total fertility rate, average politician’s age, comparison on the ‘youth’ front with the ‘old’ countries, etc.) and philosophy, it all seemed like a good recipe, and that start and end was a good topping and base for a delight. I was happy to have finished first, for it gave me time to scrape up five (spelling, grammar, etc) mistakes. In the remaining 10 minutes I stared at the pigeons’ shiny nape out from my window.

Next step was a personal interview. I was first on the list, and started right-away. It was a triad of depressing souls seeing right through me; I greeted them collectively with a smile and they allowed rest stiff on that lean wooden chair. The first question of the day, something which I had conjured but not prepared: “Rank the IIMs from which you have got calls.” I smiled with intention of buying me a few ticks on my wrist, and told them that it was unjust to rank them on the basis of amenities, academics, and placements as all of them were very young and had potential to excel. That’s when one of the inanimate souls came to life and retorted “do you always try to be politically correct?” Hell! It was a trap! I tried to reply in a humble tone that I try to be myself, and that could, or could not, be politically correct (a politically correct answer?). The first person insisted me to answer his question, to which I finally replied, “I would personally choose IIM Trichy over others solely on the grounds of the climate; it is too cold in north! Plus I’ve never been to south; I’d love to engage myself in a diverse cultural environment. On academic, and amenities’ front, a ranking would be synonymous to discrimination.”

The sad thing was that, they neither had a look at my portfolio, nor did they see my resume! I had so much to tell, only in vain. Even though they had a copy of my application which was on par with the resume in my hand, they diverted the questions off the document! One of them then asked me my understanding of ‘Market’, ‘System’, ‘Suppliers’, and ‘Distributers’. I tried to complement my purported answer with relevant examples, it was a too specific a question, unfortunately, it seemed from their body-language that their awe had not been tickled. The same person asked me the difference between price and value while he parallel gave me a situation, it went something like this, “a farmer hires labors for $100 per month…explain what would be the repercussions if the labor is under-valued and under-priced.” I explained that value is something more than price in its essence…then he asked me about Shakespeare and his plays, and before I could talk about Macbeth, he asked me if I read Marathi literature. I told him that I don’t, to which he retorted rudely, “why, have you grown up too much to read Marathi?” I could do nothing but smile and end the argument in a jocular fashion. Finally he asked me about the economic situation in USA. To which I explained the 2008 crisis, and then the Fiscal Cliff. Then came a random question on ‘Helical Gears’, which I answered to the best of my knowledge, hopefully I had GEARed up just enough. Then they asked me about the “Sequester Law”, and I accepted my limited knowledge on the issue. On an ending note, they asked me if the questions from ‘Economics’ appeal to me or trouble me, my answer was the obvious choice with a little justification. Apprehended that they hadn’t asked me about my achievements on which I was riding good, I asked them if I should leave my resume on their desk. They wished me good luck and I left with my resume in one hand, and the portfolio in my other hand.

Overall, I would rate myself below my potential. I now remember how someone once said to me, “you are too immature to acknowledge the ‘luck-factor’ in your deeds.”

*afterthoughts* It was good for an experience though, it will help me in my next attempt surely. I am indebted to Mr. Sandeep Manudhane, Founder-chairman, PT Education for personal attention and the wisdom he bequeathed in the classes. It definitely has given me a one-up in many places!

Finally, I wish all of you a great time in your competitive pursuit of success.

~ ~ ~

The students were divided into 4 panels. And each panel of students has separate rounds. If there was case study round then each panel will have their case study at the same time under different panelists.

There were two rounds:

Round 1. Case study

Round 2. Personal Interview

Round 1. Case study - There was a Case given and a two minutes time to collect your thoughts and at last 5 minutes time was given to summarize the discussion on the paper. The case was - you have to buy a dog which should be enthusiastic and playful but your parents want that it should calm at times. You have to bear the cost of buying, food; veterinary and all. So discuss different breeds and size that you will choose.

Round 2. Personal Interview - The P.I. has same three panelists as of case study. And they asked thoroughly why MBA after engineering not M.Tech., and why not two years work exp. Then MBA and on everything that you have written in the form asked by them (like hobbies, awards etc.)

To other students they have also asked questions on general awareness and stock exchange, insurance companies even if you are from engineering background.

Whole process was completed in 2 -3 hrs. The bus took us to the city.    

~ ~ ~
SSBM (Symbiosis School of Banking Management)

There were four rounds after document verification-

  1. GD
  2. P.I.
  3. Group activity
  4. Individual activity

Round 1. GD - there were 2 panelists. The topic was selected by taking out a chit. Ours was e-commerce is beneficial or insecure for society. 25 min time was given for a group of 8. Each one of us had enough time to speak. Those who did not speak were asked to put their views.

Round 2. P.I. - there were two members. They grilled me too much on why banking after doing engineering. They wanted to know that we really wanted to do it and it is not just an option for us.

Round 3. Group activity - it was fun. We were given a piece of sheet, 4 paper clips, a crayon box, 4 number tokens from tambala kit. The group of 8 was divided in two groups of 4 each. And were asked to form a board game from given things and then to sell it in 10 minutes and we were asked questions on cost of advertising, selling and why should they buy it.

Round 4. Individual activity - a chit was to be taken out and on which 4 words were written. From those four words we have to form a problem sentence and than a solution to that problem were to be written in 150 words.

Overall enjoyable!

~ ~ ~
SITM (Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management)

First Round:

It was a Group Discussion, there were 11 students in my GD batch, 2 Moderators.

Topic given was : a)Is Government Deficit is the real issue today? b)Corporate Social Responsibility.

Second Round : Extempore 

Topic given was : Is T.V. creating artificial needs?

Third Round : Personal Interview

There were 3 Interviewers. One was College faculty, Second was from Reliance comm. & third was from another industry.

As I am having Experience of 2 and half years, basic question were

  1. Tell us something about yourself ? Then Complete interview went about my experience, each and every aspects were asked by them, like
  2. which profile,
  3. what kind of learnings,
  4. What good can be done to improve the system, etc.

~ ~ ~
UPES (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies)

It started with document verification. After that there were two rounds

  1. GD
  2. PI

Round 1. GD - the students were divided in the group of ten. Topic was decided by taking out a chit from the bowl. We were given 2 minutes to think and then to discuss 15 minutes was given then time was given to put your point on the topic. The topic was ‘the Indian business families are backbone of Indian economy.’

Round 2. P.I. They asked mainly about why this sector. And rest was about technical and some general awareness questions related to energy field.

~ ~ ~

First of all we were asked to be present at the bus stop at Symbi society where attendance was taken. As we reached, their coordinators were there who took us to the place where documents verification would take place. At that time only we were given panel number (1, 2, 3 or 4).

Than we were given refreshments and then the process started.

There were three rounds -

1. Essay writing
2. GD and extempore
3. P.I.

Round 1. Essay writing – 2 topics were given a) Unemployment b) Pen is not always mightier than sword. 10 minutes time was given to write.

Round 2. GD and extempore - it was good; we were advised to not to form a fish market. The topic was on something like “social media sites are addictive or detrimental to the society”. Each one of us given chance to summarize at the end.

In extempore the topic was – “Inclusive growth is the need of the hour”. 2 min time was given to think than 2 min time for putting your views.

Round 3. P.I. - There was two panelists. They asked about me, weakness, strengths, what my friends think about me, and other member asked me about my major project. They grilled me on this and on hobbies.

It was all good. Then bus left for symbiotic society. It was all in all a four hour long process.

~ ~ ~

Round 1: Case Discussion

A case was given that there is a friend of yours and your team mate who has recently met with an accident and couldn’t come for the urgent meeting with senior officials that is scheduled at that moment. In this scenario what would you do and why?

There were four panels which had same case and were started on the same time.
Initially five minutes were given to analyse the case.

Then, the CD went quite like a fish market but nobody from the panel interrupted. Everybody was competitive and well equipped with fluent English.

After proper ten minutes of discussion, we were given to write the summary on a separate sheet of paper.

Round 2: Personal Interview

It was a panel interview of four but being the last student. I had only two ladies out of four. It was totally on the basis of the form that they had asked to fill which had hobbies and other achievements and also your educational background as well as why MBA as a question.

My interview was totally on hobbies.

Questions were: Difference between contemporary and classical dance, Why MBA, about Rahul Gandhi’s vice presidency and was grilled with continuous questions in between. They did shift to Delhi gang rape case and asked if you’ve faced any such incident and if not then if you do what will be your stand. Few questions were on newspaper and the writers. It was a 20 minutes interview.

~ ~ ~
IIM A - ABM selection process 2013

My GDPI at IIM-A ABM went well.First was the case study and the strange thing was there were only 4 people present out of 12 in our group. I was the only girl.

The Case's title was PANKAJ's DILEMMA. It went thus:

"Pankaj was a research team leader in a rural research bureau (RRB), a leading agency that specialize in undertaking rural surveys. RRB had got a very prestigious assignment from the world bank to assess the penetration of financial market.

Pankaj hired a new team to undertake this research. He hired CS to help him out with the logistics and collection of secondary data CS was a fresh post graduate in ABM. He was the topper of his batch and bright. 

Since this involved household survey where women were to be interviewed, he also hired a women supervisor REKHA MITTAL. She had 8 years of field experience and had undertaken similar work in the past. The household survey was expected to last 6 week and data analysis another two months the role Rekha was to play was critical both at the data collection and in analysis.

Three weeks into the survey Rekha called up Pankaj to complain that CS had misbehaved with her on two occasions, and she wanted to withdraw from the project. When Pankaj called CS, he was extremely courteous and told Pankaj that he treated Rekha like elder colleague and he was just being informal and friendly. He even offered to apologize to Rekha. However, Rekha maintained that he had apologized to her in the past, but never changed his behavior. Pankaj could not afford to lose Rekha due to her deep inside into the project. At the same time CS was involved in certain key areas and if he left suddenly, the project would suffer. Pankaj was also interested in the image of his agency with the clients.

Pankaj had to take some visible action before the team broke down. At the same time Pankaj had to maintain deadlines and deliver good quality output to the client."

I started the GD because no one else has started upto 2-3 seconds, i explained the case and given 4-5 points.Sir i feel that the compitition was of low level. It happended twice that for 2-3 seconds no one was speaking.

PI : There were 2 members on the panel. The interview last for 25 minutes. They were very casual, even taking there snacks and juice in between.

  1. Why ABM? 
  2. GM crops good or bad?
  3. About Rabi and Kharif crops. sugarcane comes in which category?
  4. Then some academics questions: what is Debit & credit, depericiation, ABC analysis. they asked me to draw the graph of total cost, fixed cost, variable cost and of break even point, derive its equation. Explain the concept of contribution.what should a firm do in case of negative contribution.
  5. What is vidhan parishad?
  6. How a law is made?
  7. Do you know any situation when the president didn't give his consent on bill passed by both Lok sabha and Rajya sabha. How theire members get selected?
  8. The origin and end point of Narmada, Ganga, Godavri river
  9. About Sardar sarovar dam
  10. Which companies would you target in placement if selected.

I was able to answer most of the questions.

~ ~ ~
SIBM selection process Feb 2013

Two Group Exercises & one Personal Interview

First GE: A picture was shown to us containing three images : Growing up of man form hunter gatherer to technocrat, kids playing video game using hand held devices, laptops.

We had to write something on this picture in three minutes then we have to discuss

So clearly topic was over dependence on technology.

I started by giving the definition of technology.

2nd GE: It was a GD : To save ecology is the luxury of the rich.

I pitched in 4-5 times - some times with facts.

Personal Interview: One male(m),one female(f) in the panel

F: Tell me about yourself.

Me: Told at length

M: Asked about my work-ex. (like what technology what I had learned through it)

M: Why are you leaving your job since you are working in a booming technology (It was an indirect why mba question)


L: What is fiscal cliff, fiscal deficit, CAD, two points for Indian economy and two against it.

L: Compare China and India.

Then extempore: The world is flat.

Told them everything in GK! Went good overall good experience.

Tip: May be I was a bit hasty during the interview.. don’t be hasty they are there to listen you.

~ ~ ~
IMT selection process Feb 2013

Process : 1 Group Exercise, 1 Personal Interview

GE: It was a case study in which we have to assume that one of our colleague  is harassing the new employees by giving them his own work to them. I have talked to my colleague but to no avail. I have tried to encourage new employees to stand against their exploitation but they are afraid what will you do now.

Again I started (don’t know why I do this J) but started by telling the case and quickly put my points.

At the end we have to write solutions about the same.

PI: same GE panel

One young female(F), one a bit older(T) and one sir(S)

F: Asked about my extra curriculars


T: Asked about my work-ex in teaching profession .

Me: Told about that at length

S: What is more important - direction or speed?

Me: Direction, sir

S: Why? Suppose if you have good speed then you can always take a U-turn…

Me: Yes sir.. but if we have the right direction then we can also eventually increase speed and if we are on the right path then confidence alo increases so it will be easier to reach the destination.

S: OK.

S: What is more important output or input?

Me: Output (It was a double-edged sword).

S: If you don’t have quality input then how will you get output?

Me: I think sir if input is of low level then its quality can be improved by the time it reaches to the output. Suppose I have some employees of low skills, I can train them and enhance their skills according to the desired  output (don’t know was right or wrong!).

S: OK.

Overall good.. in this interview I was more humble and calm.

Tip: Stick to the advices given by SM sir and PT faculty regarding GD manners. I have seen many people flaunting them with impunity.

GK is more than enough. They don’t ask much GK. Concentrate more on body language - avoid pit falls.

~ ~ ~
SP Jain Profile based call’s interview on 21st Jan 2013

I was called for interview for finance. First of all they verified the documents.

Then a psychometric test of fifteen minutes with 30 multiple choice questions and at end of paper you have to justify the answers of 6 questions you have marked.

Group interview 1:

4 panel members 2 were alumni and other 2 were faculties all aroud 50’s

Total we were 4 interviewees.

First of all we were asked to introduce our self one by one and in between they were asking questions, like I was asked that as u have good engineering knowledge so why mba?

Then I was asked a question that how would I do the marketing for transformers as earlier in my introduction I had told about my internship at BHEL in transformer ?

All other students were also questioned about why MBA as you are doing a very good job….

Then after 5 min results were announced :

3 of us made to the 2nd round and 1 was eliminated. There is 1 hour gap between 1st and 2nd interview.

Group interview 2 :

2 panel members both professors of spjain different from the 1st panel members. 3 students from the first round.

The panel members were also having the answer sheets of the psychometric test with them.

Ques 1 to all was to briefly introduce yourself!

Then I was asked that how would you deal with the situation as many of the students would be having a good work experience?

Why new iit over nit as I am from iit and other guy was from nit?

What do you think about Rahul Gandhi as Prime Ministerial candidate?

Now they come to the psychometric test and asks as you have filled that you would not like to look foolish among people, so what would you do if you are working in a govt organization with all people being corrupt around you. So you would get corrupt or be a foolish?

How do you deal with hypocrites around you?

Among this 2 people which one would you choose?

~ ~ ~
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