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Amazing Success Stories

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Success Stories
Given below is an informal interview.
Question : I would like you to know your good name and the final calls you got..
Question : Mona, you have been the topper in MPMJET. How did you feel?
Question : How was your preparation ?
Question : Tell us about your exams, how did it go and what were your number of attempts in CAT?
Question : What was your GD topic?
Question : How was the interview and what were the questions asked in the interview?
Question : How PT was helpful in your entire preparations?
Question : How did the All India PT system help you ?
Question : PT tries its best to maintain high quality standards. What do you say about it and how does it help you?
Question : How did the GK sessions help you in your preparation?
Question : How did the PPF Batches contribute in your preparation? (PPF - PowerPack Final... PT's GD Interview modules)
Question : How did you feel about the strict discipline that we follow at PT?
Question : How many participants were present in IIM Ahmedabad GD and how long did it last?
Question : What were your experiences regarding the Comprehensive Tests that you gave and the rankings that you got?
Question : How comfortable were you with Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension before you joined PT?
Question : How did you evolve with Mathematics and what about your quantitative section?
Question : What do you have to say about the study material that we provide? Were you able to complete the entire material?
Question : Tell us something about your family, Mona?
Question : Did you face any hindrances during your preparation and did you cope up with it, if yes?
Question : What kind of support did you get from your family?
Question : Tell us something about your hobbies?
Question : Can you share your personal strengths and weaknesses with us?
Question : What has been your USP (Unique Selling Point)?
Question : What was the most difficult moment in the entire selection process, where you thought that what has happened and how do I tackle this now?
Question : Would you please give us your e-mail address?
Question : Any special message that you would like to give to the future MBA aspirants?


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