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Question : When you started preparing for CAT, what were the major areas of concern that you had in mind?
Question : Over the entire period of preparation, you must have prepared a kind of strategy for clearing the written test. What was the strategy that you adopted?
Question : So you were comfortable with any kind of start?
Question : What happened on 15 th of February? How did you start?
Question : Any movements through the section here and there, going back and coming around?
Question: You must have been having a good percentile in Mathematics. Isn't?
Question : Oh, this is really great. Isn't it?
Question : What do you remember about the GDs that you gave at the IIMs?
Question : Was it a very matured pliability?
Question : What are your views about PI?
Question : What had you read to augment yourself on these aspects?
Question : What has been PT's contribution in the journey of your success?
Question : You have a choice between Indore and Kozhikode. So, what would you choose and why?
Question : What would Pankaj advise to CAT aspirants of this year?

Okay Pankaj, thanks a lot. Best of luck for all your endeavors!


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