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Question : Rahul, I want to know, in fact every budding MBA aspirant who is a C.A. , would like to know that ‘Being a C.A, why have you decided to go for MBA?' But first of all, tell us something about you.
Question : Do you think that as a C.A., you had the advantage when you started preparing for the written part of MBA Entrance?
Question : Rahul when you started preparing for CAT exam, can you tell us what was your situation like? Which were your strong areas and which were you weak areas. Above all, what strategies did you adopt for your preparation? I am sure that you must have required lot of plans for your preparation of 5-6 months. So, what were your gray areas and how did you manage to find then out?
Question : I'm sure that whenever you benchmark yourself with regard to all other students, you get to know more about yourself because it's all relative performance. How far the benchmarking has helped you? Do you benchmark to yourself or you benchmark to your group? How do you look at others performance?
Question : How many hours in a day did you spend for the preparation of CAT exam? How do you schedule your day? There are lot of students who actually face the problem of how to structure our day? You have been telling us about reading, Maths and so many other things which you did during your preparations. But you had little time. So, how were you able to mange it?
Question : On the day of the CAT exam, how did you strategies the entire paper? How did you manage the first section and then the second section? Can you tell us something about that?
Question : Tell me something about the experience at the IIMs for the GDs Interview. Did you find any perceptible change in the way IIM Bangalore and IIM Lucknow interviews were conducted? I would like you to tell us more about IIM Lucknow's Interview and GDs? How did you manage the questions that were in the paper?
Question : According to your experiences, tell us something about which the students should never do at GDs and Interviews.
Question : In the end, I would like to tell us that how PT as an institution has helped you? Do you think that it was a value addition?
Question : That's great Rahul because I think that what you have said in the last, has been watched by many people. So I would like to give your message to those who are now on the threshold of preparing MBA. Also give your e-mail ID?
Question : How do you think that the All India Ranking System and the National Benchmarking which PT undertakes, helps the students.?
Thanks a lot Rahul. It was great talking to you. We wish you a great career as a CA-MBA !


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