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Self development
Set your goal

If you feel depressed or disheartened because you think that you are born with weak personality - stop thinking negatively. Personality make - up of yours is not only (totally) determined by heredity. There is another important factor that determines (influences) your personality -environment. It is the environment that can be manipulated to get the desirable positive effects in shaping the personality. Well known psychologist Watson (a behaviorist) emphasized the importance of environment in shaping personality of the child so much that he declared, "… give me a dozen mentally healthy infects, well formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in …… and I will guarantee to make any one at random and train him to be any type of specialist I desire - doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant …..., even beggar man or thief!"This is obviously an extreme view that some behaviorists have taken to focus on the role of environment in personality development. The fact remains that enriching the environment of the individual does show significant improvement in developing your personality. At the same time, however, do not get blindly influenced by some non-standard, cheap publicity stunts of some people who sell their "personality-development" courses just to make quick money. You must use your brain and understanding before you join such courses.

Effective learning
Improving the will
Time management
The expanding and spiritual quotient (SQ)

The lowest needs in such hierarchy are Biological, such as hunger, thirst and sex. Next are the Safety needs that include security, stability and order. Then come belongingness such as affiliation, affection, and identification. Thereafter Self-esteem needs follows that include prestige, success, and self respect. Finally at the top in hierarchy comes the need for Self-actualization that refers to person's need to develop his full potentialities in whatever field he works.

Power of concentration
Power of mind
Improving the iq
Improving memory

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