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Question : Suhani Maharshi, how did you start your preparations for MBA?
Question : Specifically when it comes to CAT, SP Jain or other exams, I'm sure that we first of all go through the written exam, and then Group Discussion and lastly through Personal Interview. When it comes to written exam, I'm sure that every person has certain strengths and certain weaknesses. What do you think were your strengths and your weaknesses and how did you worked at your weaknesses?
Question : As I remember that you were among the good performers at PT and you were doing very well at the All India Ranking, then what was your problem?
Question : But of course you have made it by getting a call from XLRI. So, how was the paper pattern of XLRI?
Question : But I'm sure that it an institution where you will really learn a lot.
Question : How does the All India Ranking System at PT helps to those students who are preparing for MBA? Do you think it really helps?
Question : Can you tell us something about your GDs and Interviews at SP Jain ?
Question : I'm sure that XLRI looks for a different kind of profile. If someone is aspiring for XLRI, what would you advice for him/her?
Question : What are the basic requisites that all the budding aspiring MBA students should do right now? How should they structure their preparations?
Question : How PT as an Institution has helped you generally? Of course there were lot of areas where you really worked on your own. But as an institution, how has PT helped?
Question : In fact, we are lucky enough to have you as a student.

Question : I have seen you. Your reading habits are unparallel. How did you develop them? I have seen lot of students but your reading habits are quite different. How did you manage so many books and all?

Suhani thanks a lot because I'am sure that you have been of great help. Thank you very much.


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