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You reached this page as you are an already registered student for either the Online Course, or the Self Prep course. You wish to upgrade and take the other version also. Thank you! Here are exciting offers.

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Already registered in Online Gurukul portal for UPSC Civil Services (Prelim + Mains) 2019 & want to also enrol for Self Prep Course

Special Offer : Rs.34900/- only (Incl. 18% GST)


Option 2.

Already registered in Self Prep Course for UPSC Civil Services (Prelim + Mains) 2019 Course & want to also enrol for Online Gurukul Portal course

Special Offer : Rs.34900/- only (Incl. 18% GST)


Note :

  • Our team will be in touch with you always
  • It may take a little while before our team grants you access to the Online Gurukul portal. Your patience is appreciated :)
  • For any technical queries, please email us at
  • Course renewal for UPSC 2019, new validity 31 March 2020.
  • IAS LIVE Course Full Syllabus Covered (for Prelims and Mains 2019) – more than 200 lectures to be conducted live (min 2 hrs each) – you attend online, all fresh classes
  • PRABODHAN Mastercourse (2019-20) Editorial analysis of The Hindu + IE newspaper is here - PRABODHAN Mastercourse. With a total of 150 sessions (120 + 15 + 15) of 60 - 150 min each
  • New full length Mock Test Series for Preliminary & Mains exam (as per UPSC 2019 pattern) (In all 35 + 35 Tests)
  • Access to PT’s Student Resources Centre for one more year
  • Full support & Guidance for UPSC 2019 Exam

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